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Siberian larch decking

Siberian larch decking is best suited for outdoor use.

For example, for terraces, verandas, gazebos, lighting extensions, landscape design elements.

Firstly, larch flooring must be resistant to cold, rain, snow and heat. Rough shoes, heels, street dirt and insects will not have an irreversible impact on such coverage. Therefore, the wood for the manufacture of decking carefully dried and sawn.

Secondly, the outer surface of the board should have grooves with small grooves for scattering water. This will help reduce slip.

In other words, this type of coating is also called “velvet”, because of the similarity with the structure of the same name fabric. Velvet decking is best suited for arranging the area and steps around a bath, sauna or swimming pool. In other words, a grooved board is better suited for building work near water and where it is possible to walk.





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