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Siberian larch bar

Siberian larch bar can well withstand the load and is not deformed.

Therefore, the bar is often used as a truss system, columns for fences, as well as in wooden housing to create floors, frames and beams. Bar from larch provides additional thermal insulation for the walls, has a high operational resource.

Of course, it is worth highlighting the main advantages of such a Siberian larch bar:

Environmental friendliness and climate control. Wood is able to absorb moisture, which is especially important if the room is high humidity. If the air is dry, the material, on the contrary, will give off moisture. The constant air exchange of bar is characterized by the ability to “breathe”. Thus, unnoticed by the residents of the house, 35% of the air is updated daily.

Aromatherapy. Larch bars consist of resins and natural oils, which gives the house a hint of wood.

Also, the material has an antiseptic effect.

High level of noise and heat insulation.

Siberian larch bar passed through the drying chamber, used in the construction of one-story houses, baths, gazebos, in the construction of saunas, household buildings. Also they make a crate of it on the walls, and on the floor under the finishing materials make floors, gazebos, sheds. The strong bar goes on frameworks for benches, various fences, racks of ladder handrail.



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